Summer is great fun, and a great time to be out playing with your pet in the summer sun. But, in the midst of all that play, it might be easy to forget a couple of little potential hazards for you and your pet…..

Possible hazard #1 — you may be tempted to turn on a garden hose to give your pet a drink, or a bath. If that garden hose has been sitting in the sun, the water in it is SCALDING! I took a candy thermometer, turned on the hose and collected the water in a measuring cup. See below….the temperature of the water was Let the water run a bit until it cools down before offering it to your pet to drink! Your dog doesnt know how hot that water is, and you don’t want to inadvertently scald his or her tongue.

Our doctors and staff know all about summer fun for dogs and cats, and we are ready to help if you pet becomes distressed this summer. Call us at 818-788-7860 or 818-788-2022 — or put these Emergency Telephone numbers on your smartphone speed dial so you dont have to remember the number in the event of an emergency.

HAVE A SAFE AND FUN SUMMER !! from your friends at Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital, Emergency Animal Clinic, and Beverly Oaks Pet Resort