Flea control has come a long way from the days of flea baths and flea sprays and flea collars. We stay a step ahead and keep up with the latest developments in flea control products so that your pet stays happy and comfortable, with the fewest possible opportunities for fleas to bite and create an itchy dermatitis.

Flea control has revolutionized our lives, and our pet’s lives. No longer do we need to bathe our pets in chemical shampoos that still left fleas behind. We use products that are toxic only to the insects we want to remove, because the compounds in the flea control act against the flea’s nerve transmitters, which are different from the nerve transmitters in cats, dogs and people. This selectivity is how we provide products that are safe for you and your cat and dog.

Sometimes topical products don’t fit the lifestyle of the pet or the petowner. Some petowners do not want to expose their young infants or toddlers to any residual flea control on the coat of the pet. Sometimes the pet is so highly allergic that we need the FASTEST flea killing activity necessary. For these cats and dogs, we recommend COMFORTIS. Comfortis kills fleas within 4 hours, in contrast to topically applied flea control products, which take about 24 hours to control fleas on the pets. The significance of this is that the female flea doesnt just stop feeding after one meal of blood. Oh no, she continues to feed/bite, and research has shown that in 24 hours, she will contribute about 10 bites to the pet. If she dies in 4 hours, your pet only suffers one or two bites. This is HUGE for the severely allergic dog or cat and the reduction in bites improves the pet’s comfort massively, sometimes to the point that the pet can have vastly fewer medications to control his/her skin allergies.

When dogs are on two different products — one for heartworm prevention and intestinal worm prevention — and one for flea control — we combine the two, and pass on the savings, when we recommend TRIFEXIS. Trifexis is a combination of COMFORTIS and milbemycin oxime. This product kills fleas within 4 hours, prevents heartworms, and prevents intestinal worms such as hookworms, whipworms and roundworms. All puppies, as well as dogs that go to a dogpark or doggy day care should be on monthly deworming.

Learn more about parasite protection by clicking here slobbery dog kisses side order worms.

Both COMFORTIS and TRIFEXIS are administered by mouth, so there is no conflict with bathing the pet, or worry about when to apply the product topically if the pet is going to be bathed, or worry about residual flea control product on the pet’s coat, that you or your children may touch.

We are pleased to announce that Beverly Oaks has obtained the very newest and best in topical flea control for cats, and topical flea AND TICK control for dogs. Activyl® is the latest innovation in monthly spot-on flea control for cats and dogs. The active ingredient in Activyl® is indoxacarb with a novel mode of action and no known flea resistance. Activyl® stops fleas from feeding, kills adult fleas and flea larvae, and inhibits flea development in the environment. Activyl is acceptable for application to dogs and cats traveling internationally, an important consideration for the doctors at Beverly Oaks when considering the optimal set of flea control products to recommend and offer our clients and their pets.

See for yourself how fleas react to Activyl®

Watch the video, but be warned — it is rather GRAPHIC. Fleas feeding on your pet up close can be rather nauseating…..

Ticks do not respond to the same control mechanisms as fleas. They are much tougher to kill. So many of the topical flea and tick control products incorporate an older chemical that is TOXIC to CATS. Frontline kills ticks, but it takes 3 days to kill them, during which time an infection like Lyme Disease, or Erlichia, is going to be transmitted. We like the Preventic collar, which paralyses the tick’s mouth parts, so that the tick cannot even bite into the pet.

In the GRAPHIC department, want to see how a tick’s mouthparts embed into your skin? The rachet like jaws dig in deeper and deeper. This is why it can be so hard to remove them. Watch here: