We have a doctor and technician on site all night long to see your pet in the event of an emergency.

Our doctors are well-versed in trauma management, emergency surgical management, critical care, as well as routine well-patient care. Our emergency doctors ARE NOT a recently graduated intern.

Perforation in large intestine due to bite by larger dog Our emergency team works with local veterinary practices to ensure your pet receives cohesive care between your regular veterinary care provider and the emergency team, and between a specialty care provider and our emergency team, as needed.

Put 818-788-7860 on your speed dial to ensure speedy access to our care!

We triage our patients that come into the emergency room, so that the most critical patients receive attention first. What is Triage? Read more here

We treat pets that have been sprayed by skunks! Want more information on the potential toxicity of skunk musk to dogs and cats? Want to have the recipe to bathe your pet to get rid of that noxious odor? Check out this page !